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Isnt it the best when you get to hang out with your best friend? You probably wish you could talk to them all the time! God wants that same connection with you. Discover how to talk with God every day, and feel the power of your prayers as you pray for kids who dont have a Bible. 

Pray for the Bibleless

What if you opened your Bible, and all you saw were random letters mashed together? It feels that way for many kids trying to read the Bible in a language they dont know. You can help bring them Gods Word in words they understand!

Give Gods Word 

When your words came, I ate them;
they were my joy and my heart
s delight, for I bear your name, L
ORD God Almighty.
— Jeremiah 15:16 (NIV)

Millions of kids like you dont have a Bible in their language. You can help change that!
Bible translation is hard work. It takes lots of prayer, time, experience, and money. Translators all over the world work full time to bring Scripture to their communities in languages they understand. Watch 5 quick videos showing how Bible translation works.

Learn about Bible Translation

You may not always have a Bible around when you need Gods words of encouragement. But if you hold Scripture in your heart, it’s always with you when you need it the most. Each time you memorize a verse, you can pray for a kid who doesnt have that verse in their language.

Carry Gods Word in Your Heart


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Connect With God

Learn about Bible Translation

Carry God's Word in Your Heart

Give God's Word 
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